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Our Soldiers Are Victims

by James Kroeger


August 25th, 2005

Linette and I went to Crawford last Saturday. It affected us more deeply than we thought it would. We will be going back there again this weekend. If you’re opposed to Bush’s War and you’ve been toying with the idea of coming to Crawford this weekend, then you should. Something very important is going on.

The Pro-Bush caravans will be arriving on Saturday, bringing some extremely courageous Americans into town who are eager to defend their President from the plaintive cries of a grieving mother. They know that national media attention will be focused on their dispute with Cindy and they are going to try to put their own spin on what is happening. Opponents of the war need to realize the great opportunity this confrontation is going to provide them to answer that spin.

Bush’s defenders will refer to the comments Cindy has made that accuse him of being responsible for the needless deaths of thousands of American soldiers. She has said that they died for nothing. The pro-Bush demonstrators will say loudly and repeatedly that this kind of talk actually dishonors the soldiers that Cindy is trying to save. Our challenge is to point out the logical errors of this argument.

Soldiers who have been victimized by inept leadership, who have been sent into harm’s way because of the “faulty reasoning” and/or reckless actions of their Commander-in-Chief, are not stripped of their honor when that embarrassing truth is finally revealed. They are simply victims who deserve our sympathy as well as our respect and gratitude for their willingness to take risks for the sake of others.

A soldier’s honor is never dependent on the sanity or the rationality of his or her commanders. Soldiers never deserve blame for the wars they fight or for the failure of their efforts to achieve the fairy tale war aims of an incompetent leader. They are completely dependent on their leaders for wise direction. Given their willingness to put themselves in harm’s way on command, they have a right to competent leadership, leadership that will not put their lives at risk unnecessarily. America’s soldiers have been deprived of that basic right by George W. Bush.

During World War II, German soldiers regularly served with honor in spite of the fact that their nation and their personal lives were ruined by a Leader who spoke to them often about Noble Causes. One of those soldiers would even become Pope one day. Hitler may have been criminally misguided, but he was just as adept as George Bush is at defining his foolish and ultimately futile military adventures as a supremely Noble Cause.

Soldiers do not need to win wars in order to serve with honor. Robert E. Lee earned great honor as a soldier—-and the respect of those whom he fought against—-not because his ‘country’ (Virginia) was fighting for a truly noble and rational cause, but because of his performance as a soldier on the battlefield. Lee ultimately fought all of his battles in vain, but that fact did not strip him of the honor he deserved.

Cindy is no enemy of those who serve their nation with noble intentions; she is in fact their friend. When Cindy asks the President what the Noble Cause was that her son died for, she is not dishonoring any soldier; she is simply trying to help save them from continued victimization by their inept Commander-in-Chief. Our soldiers cannot help the fact that they have been misused and misled by their President, a man who has done more to ruin America’s reputation in the world in recent years than any other.

If our soldiers come to realize that they have been sent into battle by an incompetent fool, then they will lose no honor upon discovering that truth. Instead of losing honor, they gain the sympathy of the American people. That means that they will gain in stature when all of the truth comes out. They are our heroes, but they are also victims who need our help and support. They need our help to protect them from George Bush.

In speaking the truth, we are helping to restore some of the honor that George Bush took from them when he ruined America’s reputation around the world with his unwise, politically-motivated war.

The sign I’m going to be waving on Saturday is going to say:




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