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Proud To Be An American?

by James Kroeger


September 11th, 2005

When American soldiers were hailed as liberators in wars past, American civilians back home felt a lot of pride in their achievements. It made them feel good because they heard about the expressions of praise and gratitude that were expressed by people in other countries re: Americans. We like it when they think well of us, when they see Americans as generous and friendly and helpful. Indeed, the only way it is possible to win the support of the American people for a foreign ‘involvement’ is if they are led to believe that America’s reputation would be enhanced by the venture.

This is very basic stuff. We don’t necessarily expect our leaders to convince the world that Americans are the best thing that ever happened to the rest of the planet, but we sure as heck don’t want our leaders to act in our names in a way that makes us feel embarrassed and ashamed. At the very least, we insist that they “do no harm” to America’s reputation. Unfortunately, under the incompetent leadership of George Bush, America’s reputation has been badly tarnished.

The ironic thing is that Bush is the guy who could always be counted on to talk to us about American pride and patriotism. This is not unlike the story of Adolph Hitler, another leader who was always eager to talk about pride and love of country. Hitler made the German people feel good about their country with his talk of patriotism, but his actions and leadership ended up ruining Germany’s reputation for at least a couple of generations.

George Bush has talked the talk, but has been intellectually incapable of walking the walk. He got a free pass from the press after 9/11, but it appears that his incompetence has finally brought so much shame on America, the press has begun to resent it. They are finally awakening to the fact that it is George Bush’s incompetence that has been responsible for the shame they have been feeling.

Even some Republicans are beginning to see that—-even if they view Bush as being a man of ‘good intentions’—-his incompetence has ruined their ability to feel good about being Americans. Bad-mouthing international critics only goes so far. First the Kyoto Treaty, then Iraq, and now the pathetic failure of the US government to seize the initiative and respond with alacrity to the suffering of poor Americans devastated by a natural disaster.

Yes, America, George Bush has shamed you more than any other President ever has. It is time for you to completely disassociate yourself from him.


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